“you spread out into others, or you nullify yourself and live through others”

Even when the burning wood or the match stick dies out, the fire still spreads over. In the path of fire, may be in the fiery ways of thought, there lies an element of self annihilation. In other words, you spread out into others, or you nullify yourself and live through others. It is a kind of reward, if you think so!

MN Viiajan goes figurative here in the use of fire as a metaphor to the life force. As we know fire is intimately related to important moments of our social customs, be it a wedding, or a ritual to please a god, or even cremation. Vijayan mash begins with the figurative description of how fire resembles the burning desire for human self to connect and relate with one another and to blend in others. Then he goes on to say that though this nature of fire is very much within us and intrinsic to our pursuit for a sublime achievement. For MN Vijayan, the self consuming nature of fire is something personally endearing and at times a natural order or resemblance of an innate urge to achieve the impermanence and connectedness with the material word though others.

However, we have to note that MN Vijayan is not mystic or mystifying himself in the floating emotions of metaphors, instead this represents the material world in which he criticisms the passive and sedentary tenancies of consumerist and market driven society where search for pleasure and  submission to an irrational world order has become the hidden law and the indeterminate design for humanity. He invokes a simple analogy of fire to tell us that the urge and the brave heart to denounce consumerist illusions is nothing complex, but innately natural within us.


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