“Nothing luminous will die down “

Those who are expelled, defeated and sidelined in the resistance are still burning high in the beacons where thunderstorms foretell the miseries. Nothing luminous will die down.
Their memories will fuel the beacons in the times for thunderstorms to come!

Highly figurative and political lines. Only understanding how Vijayan mash and PAATOM Magazine fought the imperial invasions in the CPIM, this can be understood beyond the metaphorical beauty. Imperial elements could succeed to infest feud in party in recent times. This has resulted in the expulsion, and cornering of many fighters of Marxism and communist ideology. Mash here highlights that the sincere resistance from those souls will travel with the communist ethos and the people in the years to come when leftist ideology will face massive opposition from inhuman forces of market and bourgeoisie policies.


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