Understanding MN Vijayan

MN Vijayan is known as a critic par excellence in the arena of Malayalam literature and politics.  He has been a sharp intellect who stood against the passive and persuasive tendencies of degenerative consumerism and the deceptive facets of communalism. He has written numerous articles and books connecting Malayalam literature with the undercurrents of mind, aesthetics, society and ideology. His investigations were continously exploring the unknown terrains of human knowledge and social relationships. He had used various methods like psychoanalytic criticism, Marxian aesthetics and so on.

He gradually stepped into the role of an orator and thinker from an astute scholar and inspiring teacher. Thus the published works in his later lifespan were either his speeches or in the mode of conversations. Whether it is his earlier works or later conversations, MN Vijayan employed a unique condensed and interpolated style in his language. He had employed fierce and severe analysis of illusions and pretensions prevailing in the society, whether they were political or apolitical. In this blog, we aspire to present some of the words of MN Vijayan ( we fondly call him ‘Mash’ ) and the underlying thoughts in those words.


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