“Capitalism will not wear the same face all the time”

Capitalism will not wear the same face all the time. Even when it preserves an inhuman and exploitative face, capitalism is undergoing metamorphosis. The inventions of new machines are among factors determining the nature of capitalism. Machines do not create problem by itself, rather the way it is used. Machines do not generate opinion, but their users do.

MN Vijayan is narrating many aspects of capitalism and machinery here. He is quite conversant and conscious about the changes to the essential nature of capitalism in our times. While he understands that capitalism retains the exploitative nature at its heart it is undergoing rapid transformation to meet the challenges of time. It is no longer concentrated and static, it has become agile and some times more dynamic than the labor itself. Vijayan master is clear even in this flux that the problem will not be originating in the machines, rather the way we design and employ them to meet our needs and desires.


2 thoughts on ““Capitalism will not wear the same face all the time”

  1. It is my opinion that Capitalism is not being practiced but instead oligopolistic corporatism is. The nation state is faced with a tightly knit cabal of corporations with interlocking ownership interests and interlocking key investors. Ownership therefore is concentrated in roughly 142 corporations which in turn are controlled by three or four if memory serves me. This is really a form of feudalism.

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