“Advertisements are the creeds of the new age “

Advertisements are the creeds of the new age. Pharmaceutical companies advertise on various diseases and Mineral water company campaigns on waterborne diseases. As  we hear repeatedly that all the water is contaminated, we may feel it is authentic and compelled to buy bottled water at a costlier rate than bottled milk.

Thus to keep everything pure, pollution becomes an Industry. An awareness spreads that those who drink bottled mineral water is healthy and those who are not so are unhealthy. Thus a new belief pattern spreads where industries transforms to religions, bottled water turns holy water, and money becomes god. Capitalism knows well how to turn our consumption patterns, and even belief systems into the tools for exploitation. It is made possible without creating anything new or radical and just by repackaging and renovating the same essential products and services.

Through out his speeches and political writings, MN Vijayan was constantly criticizing the commoditization of humane experiences and the deceptive ideologies of late capitalism. He was in a battle of ideas against the persuasive strategies of advertisements and media campaigns. The same rigors and vigor he had used in the psychoanalytical criticisms of Malayalam poetry was employed to break the layers of ideology and media discourses in advertisements. In one occasion he had mentioned how an advertisement by a multinational suite brand reminds us of the vedic representation of male supremacy. When we analyze the proportion of the capital investment in product development and marketing of multinational companies, we can see how marketing expenses are running sky high! This is not unintended as they know the power of power of persuasion in the market place.


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