“Critical perceptions and experiences will not develop in a slowly paced society”

We feel a meaningfulness in life not by living it to its fullest . It is when life changes radically. Critical perceptions and experiences will not develop in a slowly paced society which believes that life is cyclical, iterative, flat or even static in its existence.

Vijayan master said these lines answering a question on the lack of critical approaches in the Indian philosophy. These lines can be read in the current context as well when the economists like Thomas Friedman envisage a flat world or when the theoretic physicists propound that the whole world is just a simulation. We have seen these kind of irrational proclamations at social moments in the dark ages and the moments when the social progression was slowly paced. These kind of hypotheses took shape time and again when the society transgresses when irrational experiences eclipse the rational judgement of the majority. MN Vijayan highlights another point that we will not understand the meaning of life not by enjoying its fruits and advantages to the fullest. Sometimes when you are deprived the freedom or the rights you deserve you may think beyond the immediately visible experiences and comprehend the hidden knots of society and state.


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